Quentel the Cryptid is a multimedia project started in early 2011 by Sean M.  While its primary function has always been that of a solo electronic outfit, visual media and surrealist storytelling have been major components of the QTC blueprint from the beginning.  Originally from southeastern Pennsylvania, Sean moved to San Francisco in 2016 and has continued the project on the west coast.  


Elly Russell became involved during the production of the 2018 release “If You Lived Here You Would Be Home Now”, marking the beginning of a collaboration called WitchCentipede.  Named after an entity in an ongoing QTC narrative, most of the work done within WitchCentipede refers to the project’s visual elements.  Together the team creates animations, video, and other artwork related to an expanding cast of characters who inhabit the WitchCentipede universe.  


Of all of the people who have played here, Quentel the Cryptid is the most fully realized musical artistic event to happen on our stage. You know when you go to a great show and it’s great not just because the music is great, but because the presentation is great. You can sense that the artists are all-in...

    -Nic Taylor, Up the Creek

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Sean’s ability to combine catchy melodies, unusual chord progressions, and ambitious production is absolutely top notch...

    -Nathan Derr

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The songs had hooks, while still being weird. The visual element had a Lynchian aspect I really enjoyed. If you see that Quentel the Cryptid is playing a show near you, I highly recommend checking it out....

    -Adam Davis, Omnigone

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Quentel the Cryptid is one of the more eclectic acts we’ve hosted at the shop, and their stage setup truly speaks for itself...

    -Carson Dowhan, Up the Creek

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