Author: Aaron Carnes; EBX


As far as hidden details go, Shadow Box, has taken that to a whole new level...

Quentel The Cryptid plays music that falls into the psych-pop realm, with a strong sense of mood that they hope will consume the listener. But they seek to make the band be an entire multi-media experience...

Part of the art of the project is in how it’s packaged. It’s very deep subtle art, with many layers, and opportunity for discovery. However, it’s also very quick and easy to feel around and look at.

Author: Sasha, BFF.FM


"I don’t know how to set the scene for you. Let’s try this: imagine you are standing on a wide, graded, rust-brown dirt path. It snakes along through steep hills that look crumpled from a distance, but, here among them, they are towering. Thatched in dead grasses, they glow a tarnished gold under robin’s egg skies. The seams of the canyons run wild with dusty trees, clinging to the steep slopes.

There is a lone, majestic oak perched high on the hill before you. Under its gnarled, wind-tossed branches stands..."


Of all of the people who have played here, Quentel the Cryptid is the most fully realized musical artistic event to happen on our stage. You know when you go to a great show and it’s great not just because the music is great, but because the presentation is great. You can sense that the artists are all-in...

    -Nic Taylor, Up the Creek

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Sean’s ability to combine catchy melodies, unusual chord progressions, and ambitious production is absolutely top notch...

    -Nathan Derr

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The songs had hooks, while still being weird. The visual element had a Lynchian aspect I really enjoyed. If you see that Quentel the Cryptid is playing a show near you, I highly recommend checking it out....

    -Adam Davis, Omnigone

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Quentel the Cryptid is one of the more eclectic acts we’ve hosted at the shop, and their stage setup truly speaks for itself...

    -Carson Dowhan, Up the Creek

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Author: Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

ghost trap title card.jpg

"When the prelude to a previously unheard track demands maximum volume, you know you’ve just stumbled across a gem, which is exactly what happened when we dove into the cataclysmically superlative single ‘Ghost Trap’ by Alt-Rock artist Quentel the Cryptid..."

Author: Remi X, DNA Lounge/Vice Rein


Quentel the Cryptid: A Bay Area-based multimedia project with solo electronic music by Sean M, with visual & animated elements by Elly Russell in a creative branch called WitchCentipede. Surrealist storytelling with a developed universe of bizarre characters and eerie settings make for a transporting artistic vision. Fans of David Lynch, Tim Burton, and dark comic books like The Sandman and Swamp Thing will find tons to dig into in this engrossing and immersive creative universe.